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6 Benefits for competitors
  • Registration is absolutely FREE!
  • New contests every day!

    We aspire to become one of the biggest websites with online competitions in the USA! We´re experienced company in the contest area with experiences from different markets. New contests are build up every day.

  • Sending new contests away on your e-mail

    You can subscribe to our newsletter and be informed about new contests. E-mails are beeing sent every day!

  • You can gain points for your active participation and win special prizes

    The points are automatically signed to your account when you log in and compete. You will receive points for your activity in Bonus programm called Win for participation. The most active participants win regularly special prizes. You do not have to win any contest and we will reward you for participation though!

  • No need to insert contact details

    You don´t need to provide your contact details if you don´t want. It´s enough when you just fill in the answears, agree with terms of service and send it all away with one click.

  • You exactly know which contests have you already participated on.

    You will always know which contests have you joined in. These contests are clearly marked with text "You have already participated on this contest."

  • You will never overlook new contests.

    All contests that you´ve not been participated yet, are marked with "Compete" button

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7+1 Benefits for competition organizers
    • You´ll get up to thousands new participants a e-mailo adresses

      If you organize and promote your contest properly you can get up to thousands new competitors and e-mails contacts. E-mail adresses are available for permanent use = you can build up new contact database for e-mail marketing!

    • You can create contest directly on

      You can make contest in following ways: Upload a link of your contest to We will refer our competitors to your site. Create contest at - you can create contest directly on and enjoy benefits as following:

    • You´ll create contest easily during few minutes

      You´ll spare time and money for a programmer - you don´t need to lose time explaing what should your programmer do. Just sign in and create a contest in our application during few minutes. It´s quick and easy!

    • Easy administration and evaluation of your contest

      You´ll spare time or money that you would have paid to agencies for their job - you can easily administer everything by yourselves. You don´t have to save any answear. Every answear is automatically collected and available after final evaluation as the contact details for winners.

    • You can upload a contest to your website

      If you create contest at, you can display it also on your website. You will be given an html code to insert to the code of your site. Afterwards is the competition visible also on your site

    • Current legal conditions are always available for free

      You´ll spare money for a lawyer - you don´t have to work up your own rules. You can be sure that our rules are legal and your contest is conducted in all legal conformity

    • We´llll make your contest big promotion

      We´ll ensure promotion of already existing contest. We´ll upload it to other sites with online competitions, we´ll promote in on Facebook or advise you on how to get the best results possible. Please see the pricelist for more informations.

We aspire to become one of the most visited competition sites in comparison with other contest sites in the USA. We have a lot of experience in the contest area from foreign markets. You can be sure you cooperate with a strong partner and you´ll gain lots of participants with the only creation at

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