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Are you a starting enterpreneur huntig for cheap and effective promotion? Let´s make contest to promote what you have to offer.

Contest is a great tool for attracting potential customers. I know it sounds like a cliche. But it helps you to make an impression of an entertaining and original company. And anything that differs counts.

Our expertize is contest creation and its effective promotion. We help clients to promote their brand and get new customers. Contests created by us or in our app are here to help your company become known with the positive image left behind. But making the contest in the right way is not as easy as it could seem.

When we launched our project in 2011 on the czech market our business model was a totally unknown one. Our site was empty with no contests shared. There were no contests highlighted on the main site, no e-mails available for e-mail marketing, no Facebook fans. Simply nothing that would attract organizers or competitiors.

Since 2011 we have hosted over 13 000 contests for more than 31 000 prizes in the overall value of more than $ 2 millions (does not have to look like a lot but it´s a lot of money in relation to the small czech market). We have helped dozens of clients to grow their business with the helping hand of contest. These days we have thousands of Facebook fans and thousands of e-mails in our database.

Thanks to what? Our special business model – combination of contest creation and targeted promotion. We know that the real success doesn´t come just with creation but promotion. Now we want to share this know-how with you on Competitionator.com – contests directory for the US market with the ambition to become one of the biggest sites in the contests field. Do you want to be part of it?

Competitionator.com is now where our first contest web Souteze.cz was 4 years ago. With one difference. Now we know what steps have to be taken. And these are – contests, contests, contests.

It´s simple. More contests on our site attract more competitiors who can be turned into customers! Would you like to take advantages from our new online contests directory? Upload your existing contest to Competitionator.com and see the increasing number of contestants! It´s totally free and takes just one minute of your time.

We would be pleased to share your contest!


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