Christmas gifts

Do you want to attract customers for the biggest shopping season of the year? It is high time now!

Christmas is a time of calm, peace … and the biggest drafts in commercial warehouses and our wallets. If you want to encourage as many customers as possible to spend their honestly earned money just for your goods, it’s time to serve them an irresistible offer right now! Forget about discounts and free gifts this year and try to attract more of those who buy in your shop without further conditions. You do not know how?  Organize an online contest! Vánoční ozdoba

Promoting your business through online competitions has several advantages before Christmas. While you keep trying to get into the awareness of more people and gain valuable e-mail contacts for your own email marketing during the year, the goal is clearly defined in the late autumn: to increase sales of Christmas gifts to the maximum! From a commercial point of view, Christmas is the ideal opportunity to sell absolutely anything. No matter whether you produce exciting products or offer high quality services.

The biggest plus of your competition is that  you give competitors a chance to win something for free . Before Christmas, every dollar counts and everybody likes saving for a gift they received in a few clicks. Keep this in mind when choosing prizes – offer tickets to a cultural event, which takes place during next year or a gift voucher for your own services, valid for the whole next year.  Any type of electronics is also a very attractive prize – no need to invest hundreds of thousands, entice contestants easily even with a simple tablet or designer headphones.

Another benefit is that you get into the awareness of customers precisely at the moment when they decide on the Christmas shopping . People are often uncertain about what to buy, and a tempting offer may convince them to buy very quickly. Use the power of Facebook and create an attractive competition which will be shared by people voluntarily. This will bring you a lot of competitors as well as those who may visit your site and buy directly.Lebkuchenmann vor weiem Hintergrund

How to do it?

Creating online competition is not difficult, basically you just need to meet a few simple conditions:

Select the type of competition – Do you want contestants to post photos, or answer questions?

Select prizes – be sure to select those that match the demands of the competition task.

Launch the competition into the world – Do not keep your the competition for yourself, make it visible! Send out emails, make advertising on Facebook and place the competition at all competitive portals. Check out other possibilities of promotion.

Final tip

Use unmistakable Christmas atmosphere and tune up the graphics of your competition. Lots of snow, candies, decorations and lights certainly can not go wrong. Wake up the feelings of the competitors that they will get into the right holiday mood already because of the competition. 

Need help with creating a suitable competition for your business? Feel free to contact us!




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