Award of Victory

Evaluation of your lucky contest…finally!

In the last article we talked about the creation of competition and appropriate questions. But what happens when the competition ends? Of course the most important – the assessment. The evaluation of the competition is a very simple step. See the steps you should take to get the list of winners:

1. After logging in, click on „My contests“ in the main menu.2. And finally, select the „Evaluation“ in the „Action“ column.3. Now you only need to fill in the answer to the crucial question if you haven´t done yet, confirm and the winners (and their contacts) will be shown. The winners be also automaticaly sent an e-mail about their win so you do not have to contact them immediately. It´s enough when you get in touch with them during following 7 days.

Do you want to know how our automatic evaluation system works?


  1. It makes a selection of contestants that have answered correctly all the knowledge questions.
  2. From this group, a person whose answer for the crucial question was correct or the closest to the correct number is chosen.
  3. If there are two or more competitors with the same result, it´s automatically choosen the one that has answered first.
  4. If there is no one that answered correctly, it´s chosen a winner according to point 2 and 3.

It cannot be any easier, can be?

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