How to register and log in on Competitionator.com

buy me pizzaAlthough it is not necessary to register on our website to participate in all sweepstakes, there are several reasons to do so in order to fully utilize the services of Competitionator.com. This mainly concerns the organization of competitions and the opportunity to earn regular notifications about new competitions.

The registration is an easy step. You only need to click on the „Sign in“ button in the upper right corner of the screen and fill in all the necessary information. The registration is FREE.

Completing the form

This information includes your name, valid e-mail address (for confirmation of your account), a password of at least 6 characters (repeated correctly) and acceptance of the terms of use of our services. If you are interested, there are two optional items that include the possibility to receive our newsletter (maximum once every two weeks) and / or notifications of new competitions you can participate in (once a day). The final protection against misuse of your personal information is commonplace.

Registration confirmation

However, the registration is not ready with a successfully completing of this form. We will send you confirmation e-mail to the given e-mail address, and you need to click on the confirmation link included in the e-mail. If you do not receive such e-mail for any reason, please contact us. We are able to confirm your account manually.

Sign in via Facebook

You do not need to waste time creating your profile on Competitionator.com, if you do not want to. We offer a possibility to sign in using your valid Facebook account. In such case, it is necessary to be logged in on Facebook and confirm the Facebook option when signing in.

Logging in

There are two possible ways to log in on our website:

  1. Using your username and password
  2. Using your Facebook account

Both ways offer you the same advantages of the portal, so choose the one you prefer. We only do not recommend to combine them, as you can connect your Facebook profile only to one account on Competitionator.com.

Do not forget to sign in each time you visit the website!

It is not possible to organize a contest without logging in. Nevretheless, even if you only wish to participate in new sweepstakes, do not forget to sign in to your account each time before the participation. Why? You collect points in our BONUS PROGRAM for every single contest you visit, so do not miss a chance to win prizes only for your participation!

Register on Competitionator today to be informed about all the new contests!

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