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Post your competition on Competitionator.com. It’s FREE!

There is nothning really free of charge when talking about business. Except… posting a competition on Competitionator.com :) Let us grow with you and we will bring you more traffic. Why? Read 5 good reasons for posting your competition on our website!

1. It is FREE!
… and always will be. We do not charge competitions organized by different websites posted on Competitionator.com.

2. It is EASY!
There are several super easy steps you need to pass through when posting your competition on our website. In fact, it takes only several minutes. And that’s definitelly an amount of effort that’s worth it!

3. It is SEO friendly!
Can you imagine anything more logical than posting a competition on a competition website? Named competitionator? Help your SEO easily and get as much of your competition as you can!

4. It will bring you clients!
Yes, that is the right reason why you organize a competition, isn’t it? More traffic means more competitors and, consequently, more clients. Invest several minutes of your time in posting a competition on our website, it pays off.

5. It will help us, too :)
Well, let’s be honest. We want as many amazing competitions as possible to run an awesome website! Let’s change your art of organizing competitions with our art of bringing traffic! Sounds like a fair offer, doesn’t it?

Post your competition on Competitionator.com today and get more of it! Need help? Contact us via info@competitionator.com!

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