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Why to start a contest?
    More traffic to your website

    Participants are referred to your site to look after correct answears for contest questions. This drives you more traffic and helps in ranking.

    Brand promotion

    If you need to spread brand awareness at selected audience, ask smart questions. Smart questions force participants to visit your site to find correct answears so they get awareness of what you do.

    Increase awareness about your product or service

    As you can use contest to promote your brand, you can use it to promote your product or service too. Use the potential of contest questions and referr the participants to your site to be informed about what you have to offer

    Improving Facebook visibility

    Photography-based or knowledge-based contest on Facebook helps you to increase an organic reach of your future posts. Contest brings you more fans and increases engagement.

    New contacts to your e-mail database

    Contest participation are obliged to leave their e-mail adres unless they want to send their answear or upload a photo to application. You will receive these contacts and can use it for e-mail marketing.

    We´ll take care of everything

    You can profit from our long-term experiences in the area of online competitions – we ensure legal conformity, programming, marketing strategy, communication with participants and creative content and you can simply watch the results.