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Terms of Service

Podmínky užívání

  1. Introduction
    1. The Competitionator.com website is a platform for the publication and hosting of internet competitions. The internet competitions are being published directly at www.competitionator.com or on Facebook.
    2. Every competition has its own rules. The portal designed to host competitions needs to have its rules as well. These rules are contained in these Terms of Service (just “Terms” from here on out), and it is important for you to get familiar with them. You can use our services only if you agree to the Terms and follow the rules they specify.
    3. The Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you and the Provider of this service. By using the services of this website, you are confirming that you have read the Terms and that you agree to them.
  2. Definition of Basic Concepts
    1. In the latter sections of the Terms, several important concepts are used. It is crucial for everyone to understand them the way we mean them.
      1. The Provider of the website www.competitionator.com (just “the website” from here on out) is SEO Linhart s.r.o., residing at Unicov, Detrichov 27, 783 91, Czech Republic, IC 286 44 387. If you wish to contact us, the best option is to use our e-mail address: info@competitionator.cz nebo telefonním čísle: 792 566 391.
      2. The User is any natural person using the services of the website. The User must be at least 18 years old.
      3. The registration achieved by filling out requested personal information brings certain user benefits, but it is not a mandatory requirement for the use of the website. You will not be able to register without filling out your user name and password. These together constitute your user account.
      4. Registration e-mail is the e-mail address you entered in the course of the registration process and from which your registration was then verified.
      5. By “competition”, we always mean a specific comepetion published on the website. Every competition has its Organizer and Rules. The Provider of the website is an Organizer of only some types of competitions, responsible for managing the technical aspects of their run.
      6. The competitions can be of several different types:
        1. Linked – on the website, only information about the competition are published. The competition itself is hosted on a different website and it is regulated by the rules and terms of service controlled by third parties;
        2. Website-based – a competition hosted on the website, the Organizer of which is a third party, while the Provider of the website, SEO Linhart, is only responsible for its technical management;
        3. Facebook-based - a competition hosted on Facebook, the Organizer of which is a third party, while the Provider of the website, SEO Linhart, is only responsible for its technical management.
      7. Some competitions can be designated as “highlighted”. A higlighted competition can be a linked, on-site or Facebook competition, and it will be actually highlighted, and can even be specifically marked as premium content.
      8. The administrator of all personal information entered by users in the course of use of our services is the Provider, in accordance with these Terms and rules of a given competition.
  3. Registration
    1. You are not required to register in order to be able to participate in any competition – it is only required for you to enter information and proceed in accordance with the rules of the given comepetion
    2. Registration does however bring certain user benefits, such as:
      1. sending notifications about new competitions to the registration e-mail;
      2. a feature allowing you to see the probability of winning a competition (only for on-site competitions;)
      3. soutěží);
    3. chance to win a prize just for participation;
    4. participation in bonus program and bonus competitions.
  4. If you desice to register, please follow the instructions on the website, especially enter requested details and confirm the registration. Every e-mail adress can be registered just once.
  5. Providing false or inaccurate details for the purpose of participating is strongly prohibited. You take the full responsibility for verity and recency of personal details provided by resgistration.
  1. User Account
    1. The user account belongs only to you and it is not transferrable. It is forbidden to allow a third person to use the account.
    2. You are obligated to ensure the security of your user name and password. We bear no responsibility for any consequences stemming from a breach of this responsibility, especially not for sharing the registration e-mail and/or password with a third person.
    3. . Any breach of the responsibilities defined by these Terms, any criminal action or any suspicion of a user account or website services abuse on your part gives us the mandate to cancel your client account at any time without any right for reimbursement, blocking you from the website, and demand compensation for any damages that have demonstrably been caused in relation to your actions.
  2. Bonus Program and Bonus Competitions
    1. For users who decide to register on the website, we have prepared an option to participate in a bonus program. In this program, the registered users get points for their activity on the basis of this system:
      1. 1 point - visiting a competition (by clicking a link leading to it) hosted on a different website
      2. 3 points - sharing any competition on your Facebook page (this reward can be gotten max. once per day; it is also necessary to click the share competition link))
      3. 5 points - participation in a competition currently under way at Cometitionator.com (designated “On-Site”) or in a Facebook competition organized via Competitionator.com (designated “Facebook”)
      4. 10 points - participation in or clicking through to a highlighted competition (designated “Recommended”)
      5. 20 points - bringing a new user (via special link, see below), who is going to register at Competitionator.com and participate in at least 10 competitions
      Points can be received only from those competitions, which have been published after the start of the current bonus program (you cannot use older competitions to gain an advantage in the current bonus program).
    2. Participants of the bonus program can participate in bonus competitions, the duration of which will always be made public on the website.
    3. Winner will be announced at the end of the bonus program. The decisive criterion is the amount of points received. In case of a draw in the amount of points received between two or more participants, the timing will decide who places higher (the participant who managed to get his or her amount of points earlier, ends up in a better position).
    4. The highest ranking users will be continuously displayed on the website throughout the entire duration of the competition.
  3. Protection of Personal Information
    1. By submitting your personal information (first name, family name, e-mail address, phone number, address of residence) you give permission to the Provider to process your personal information under the conditions detailed below. Any submission of personal information, as well as any use the website, are strictly voluntary. Some services are only available to the registered users, however, to those who did submit their personal information in the course of registration. The revoking of your permission can consequently result in immediate cancellation of your user account or current participation in some types of competitions.
    2. The administrator of personal information is the Provider, as specified in the section 2.1.1.
    3. The purposes of the processing of personal information are ensuring the proper function of the website, management of user accounts, enabling the transfer of prizes to winners and communication with users (including marketing).
    4. We are hereby commiting ourselves to process your personal information in accordance with the law, which means collecting only information specified above for the aforementioned purposes, storing the information for 5 years from the user’s last use of the website, and not combining any personal information collected for different purposes. Your personal information will be processed by an administrator or executive officer on the basis of a special contract.
    5. By choosing to participate in a competition or by entering registration, you are giving us permission to publish some of your personal information (first name, family name, and partial address - town and state) in the news media or on the website in the event of you becoming a winner.
    6. . You have the right to ask for information regarding the processing of your personal information, in which case we have the obligation to give you that information. You have also the right to access your personal information, the right to correct it, and the right to ask for explanation, if you believe that your personal information has not been processed in accordance with the law. In case you believe that we have not abided by the law or your rights, you have the right to demand settlement of the situation, especially in the form of blocking, correcting, substitution or removal of your personal information pertaining to your person. (+obrácení se na jakou třetí stranu jako další možnost v USA?) Kromě práva požadovat od nás vysvětlení jste oprávněni obrátit se přímo na Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů na adrese: Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7, Česká republika.
    7. By choosing to participate in a competition or by entering registration, your are giving us permission to send electronic business messages, updates and newsletters to the contacts you submitted (e-mail address, phone number, etc.). You can revoke this permission at any time for free, simply by sending an e-mail from your contant e-mail address to the Provider’s e-mail address with the caption “Stop sending” written in the e-mail’s subject.
    8. By using our services, you also agree to us using various technical measures intended to track the behavior of the website’s visitors or the length of their stay, and collecting related information, in order to ensure better function of the website and greater comfort of the visitors of the website. The technical measures include mainly the so called “cookies”, saved in the computers of the visitors of the website. Disabling of the cookies can result in the decrease in user comfort and some limitations in the website’s normal functionality.
  4. Conclusion
    1. The Terms abide by the international law and the U. S. Code.
    2. We reserve the right to change the Terms unilaterally. Registered users will be informed about fundamental changes via their registration e-mail at least one week in advance. By not asking afterwards for the cancellation of user account and by further use the website’s services, users agree to the changed Terms. The change of Terms comes into effect by the moment of their publication at the website.
    3. The Terms define the relationship between the Provider and the User regarding the use of the www.competitionator.com website. Individual competitions published or hosted on the website are furthermore guided by their rules, which always have to be in accordance with these Terms.