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Win for Participation

Win Just for Participation at

You get points for participation alone for the Bonus program. Register, so that you can win! Whoever gets the most points wins enticing prizes. You get point for the following actions:

  • 1 point - visiting a competition (by clicking a link leading to it) hosted on a different website
  • 3 points - sharing any competition on your Facebook page ((this reward can be gotten max. once per day; it is also necessary to click the share competition link))
  • 5 points - participation in a competition currently under way at (designated “On-Site”) or in a Facebook competition organized via (designated “Facebook”)
  • 10 points - participation in or clicking through to a highlighted competition (designated “Recommended”)
  • 20 points - bringing a new user (via special link, see below), who is going to register at and participate in at least 10 competitions

Points for competitions are awarded only for those competitions, which have been opened in a current bonus program = from 10/5/2015 onward.

Current List of Winners

Ranking Nick Number of points Prize

In the case of a draw in the number of points, timing will determine the winner (the one who got their points sooner is in a superior position)

More Information about the Bonus Program

Bonus program duration: from 10/5/2015 until 30/6/2016

The winners will be announced before 7/7/2016 at this portal. All winners will be contacted by e-mail.

New bonus program will begin on 1/7/2016 (all points will be reset to zero and new prizes will be announced). Points received in the previous bonus program are not transferable to the new one. The prizes will of course be entirely different. The organizer of this competition reserves the right to change the prizes for ones of a similar monetary value.

Specific terms terms and conditions of the bonus program can be found in the Terms of service to which you agree by registering.